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Clarinet Notes News, Issue #013 -- Skull and Clarinets, Clarinet and Saxophone
October 08, 2011

My Friends,

Happy Halloween – Skull and Clarinets

Skull and clarinets - Join the secret society of clarinetists who practice. This artwork is a play on the Skull and Bones Secret Society at Yale University as well as the Pirate Flag “Jolly Roger”.

Also, see a few cool videos of a Clarinet Skull Session at Florida State University.

Enjoy my friends: Skull and Clarinets. This isn't newsletter #13 for nothing!

Clarinet and Saxophone Embouchure Comparisons

Kelsey asked me this on, “What are the major differences between a saxophone and clarinet embouchure? =)”

Come read more about this at Clarinet and Saxophone Embouchure Comparison.

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Chris Jones

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