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Clarinet Notes News, Issue #016 -- Clarinet has struggled to be heard in our noisier musical world.
November 19, 2012

My Friends,

"Clarinet has struggled to be heard in our noisier musical world."

This newsletter post should be titled:

Anat Cohen "Claroscuro" CD Review by Chicago Tribune

From 2008 to 2012, Anat Cohen has been honored by the Jazz Journalists Association as Jazz Clarinetist of the Year. This article reviewed her latest CD "Claroscuro". So, if you are a clarinetist, you should own a recording of Anat now or soon! Ask for it for Christmas. You can find the CD(or MP3) here on Amazon: Claroscuro

Now, about this article, the author Mr. Howard Reich writes about the variety of music on the CD and gives background on the title and players on the CD. He also writes:

"All of this work could serve to heighten the profile of an instrument long marginalized in jazz. For although the clarinet enjoyed immense popularity during the Swing Era, thanks largely to the work of Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw – both of whom transcended the world of jazz to become pop stars – it has struggled to be heard in our noisier musical world."

Also, Mr. Reich quotes Anat, "Clarinet is not part of (today's) sound. You don't hear in recordings on any modern sound. You don't hear it in any R&B band. It's really not there."

Anat is bringing the sound of clarinet to many who have no idea what the instrument can offer.

This is our charge. Somehow, we clarinetists have to bring clarinet to this 'noisier musical world.' We need to make it part 'of today’s sound.' We need to hear clarinet in recordings known for modern sounds.

One way to start, listen to Anat. Pick-up on the Brazilian Choro scene. Let's get working on this. Let's get practicing!!! Go get your Clarinet Now, and practice!

Thanks for listening to me rant. Chris

Don't forget to check out Anat's CD: Claroscuro

See Chicago Tribune article here: Claroscuro Article


Chris Jones

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