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Clarinet Notes News, Issue #021 -- Performance on #MACYSFIREWORKS 4 JUL 2018
July 04, 2018

My Friends,

I play clarinet with the West Point Band until the end of September 2018 and then retire. The following Macy's announcement will likely be my last big, giant media event. Last year the viewing audience for this was around 47 million. Make sure it is 47,000,001 this time.

Make sure you watch or set your DVR for the #MACYSFIREWORKS show on @NBC Independence Day #4ofJuly2018 from 8-10pm EST. The @WestPointBand and @West.Point.Glee.Club will accompany the @Macys #GoldenMile of Fireworks on the East River of @NYCity and @KellyClarkson will sing #GodBlessAmerica (for the 100th anniversary of the song).

Learn more about the musical score here:


Chris Jones

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