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Clarinet Notes News, Issue #005 -- Free Clarinet Now Publicity Resource to publicize your event
August 08, 2009

My Friends,

This Clarinet Notes/ newsletter topic might seem off topic, but let me tell you this, CLARINETISTS need this information. We need to get our information to the public about our clarinet recitals, clarinet quartet jobs, clarinet choir concerts, band and orchestra concerts.

Let’s say you are a beginning clarinetist. Well, glance through this newsletter and webpage entitled Free-Clarinet-Now-Publicity-Resource and take note that when you see clarinet events listed in the newspaper or on the web, it took some hard, creative work to get that information in front of your eyes. So, that clarinetist was serious about practicing and announcing the information to you.

Let’s say you are a clarinetist that is anyone past the beginning stage. Are you playing concerts? I bet you are. Whether it is a middle school band concert or local teacher’s music recital, you are playing concerts.

So, do you want people to attend your concert? How about your school principal, your family, your neighbors, your church members and also complete strangers interested in listening to your music. It is easy to ask these people, but it is better if they read it in their local news. Remember, you just provided your administration free publicity that they did not have to sweat (assuming it is good, positive publicity).

This Free-Clarinet-Now-Publicity-Resource holds a system of Free Publicity that will get your information in front of the public. You have to do some work, but it is well worth the effort. Don’t sacrifice your practice time to do this. Get organized. If you know your concert is three, six, nine or twelve months away, start collecting your media list. The system is all here.

In a nutshell, you’ll learn the following ten steps to getting free publicity to your event.

1. Pick your program and recital date: Is there anything on this program that will hook the “general public?”

2. Plan publicity

3. Gather your media list

4. Write your press release

5. Take an interesting photo

6. Send date, time, place and general basic information to arts calendars 2-6 month prior to recital

7. One month to two weeks prior to recital, send full press release and photo

8. One week prior, go the extra mile and do interviews on local radio or TV to promote the recital

9. Post your press release to your webpage, blog, Facebook page, etc…

10. Enjoy the audience that came to your event

Now, I say free. It is not really free. I’m assuming you have a computer, word writing program, internet connection and email, a digital camera and way to transfer its data, and a phone and phone service.

But, if I were to assume you are playing a clarinet recital, I have to assume you have a clarinet, reeds, ligature, swab, stand, sheet music, pianist or other musicians to play with on the recital.

If you have these, you have the tools to free publicity and a great clarinet recital with a house full of listeners. Again, visit here at Free Clarinet Now Publicity Resource.

Now, go get them. Go get your audience. If you use this information, I’d love to hear what the results are like. Please contact me via the Contact Page.

Best of luck and keep practicing.

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Thanks. I appreciate your interest in and wish you the best of practicing.


Chris Jones

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