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Clarinet Notes News, Issue #009 -- Kalmen Opperman dies at age 90.
June 25, 2010

My Friends,

Clarinet for me is rooted by one major person, Kalmen Opperman. He passed a week ago today. I'm sure many of you have heard this on other email lists, blogs, or the New York Times article, but it is important for me to send this out to those who have not had the luxury of knowing him or working with him.

I was able to attend his memorial, but not the graveside service. Again, all the best to Louis, Roio, Charles and Judy as well as all those clarinetists who worked closely with him. He is a massive hole in the clarinet world now.

Read more about my first experience with Mr. Opperman as well as links to his obituary from The New York Times

Kalmen Opperman was the greatest advocate for practicing clarinet on the Earth. If you wish to salute him, put your clarinet together and make the most beautiful sound you can on it. Then, practice for hours.

Thanks. I appreciate your interest in and wish you the best of practicing.


Chris Jones

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