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Clarinet Notes, Issue #003 -- Crossing the Break and more...
February 26, 2009

My Friends,

I’ve included a number of updates and improvements on

1. iTunes links and “World” on Famous Clarinet Players

2. Update on Anthony McGill performing the Inauguration

3. Crossing the Break page

4. Nervous Air page

5. Practice and hope page

iTunes on Famous Clarinet Players

Not only did I include several iTunes links to the Famous Clarinet Players page, but I improved the title areas All-time, Solo, Orchestral, Jazz, Klezmer, World, Grammy and Orchestral Principal Famous Clarinetists.

Notice that I included the new area of World on the list with YouTube videos and iTunes links of Ivo Papazov, Petrolukas Chalkias and Tale Ognenovski.

You will expand your horizons by witnessing the playing true to each culture here.

Anthony McGill

As you remember, Anthony McGill was the subject of the last newsletter. John Williams work Air and Simple Gifts was inspiring for the Presidential Inauguration.

Some controversy followed because the chamber ensemble performed to a pre-recorded tape in the sub-freezing outdoor temperature. No need for disappointment, if you play clarinet in any temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you know that it is impossible to “lip-up” the flat, cold instrument. Catch the YouTube video and iTunes recording of Air and Simple Gifts here.

On tuning, if you are a beginner or new to clarinet, when you open the case and first play the clarinet, it is cold. It will blow “flat” or under pitch until you warm it up. That is one reason “warming-up” is a good idea before a rehearsal or concert. It not only gets the blood flowing in your embouchure, but it also physically warms up the clarinet.

Crossing the Break

This page was certainly in the plans to build, but I was motivated by Edith, a high school clarinetist, who emailed me a question on how to improve her middle school clarinetist friend on Crossing the Break. I’ve started this page and can probably write volumes and many more exercises on the subject. Expect more updates on this Crossing the Break page here.

Finally, you’re getting some Clarinet Notes on this newsletter via the Crossing the Break page. They are all whole notes and long tones, but well worth working on to improve your sound and technique.

Nervous Air

In January, I played a recital and experienced a little nervousness. When I get this, I lose some air support and often dynamics. On this page, understand where this came from and how to fix it. In a nutshell, practice breathing, but read more about it here…

Practice and hope

If you belong to this newsletter and/or find interesting, you probably have some serious motivation or interest in the clarinet. Learn the benefits of consistent practicing here.

This is another subject I could write volumes on but prefer to practice clarinet myself in place of those volumes.

If you need a motivational bumper sticker to put on your clarinet case or a motivational mug to remind you to practice or rotate your reeds, you can find them here.

Thanks. I appreciate your interest in and wish you the best of practicing.

Sincerely, Chris Jones

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