Clarinet Picture

If you are looking for a clarinet picture, here is a short collection of instructional and fun shots.

Clarinet photos – instructional

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Clarinet photo - Clarinet Left Hand Position

Note the position of the left hand thumb as compared to this wall clock.

Note the correct height of the clarinet fingers here.

Clarinet photo - Clarinet Right Hand Position

Note the correct and incorrect ways to use the right hand pinky below.

In the clarinet image below, notice the difference between the arch of the right hand fingers over the lower joint ring-rod. Make sure you do not rest your fingers on the ring-rod.

Remember, to see more clarinet photos on hand position, click on any of the above shots to get a full lesson on hand position.

For Clarinet Parents, this next photo is especially important.

Clarinet parents, this picture is really important for your aspiring clarinetist, make sure they have a quiet, non-distracting space to practice clarinet.

So, yes, banning cell-phones, computers, ipods, TVs and siblings for their practice time is important. Focusing on clarinet practice is important. Anyway, a comfortable chair and a sturdy music stand are musts in encouraging clarinet practicing. Parents, for more tips on how to improve your clarinetists’ musical experience, click on this practice space photo.

These pictures – a small personal collection of fun clarinet photos.

Clarinet on a peg.

Clarinet-Now banner.

The Clarinet-Now tower. Now, some architect should make a skyscraper, radio tower or water tower out of a clarinet design. Send me the plans when you do.

Send me a note and tell me what you think about the alteration of this picture - the dark clarinet glow.

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