Clarinet Shoes

Clarinet Shoes are back and better than ever.  You have two choices of makers, AliveShoes where every shoe is handcrafted by Italian mastercrafters and feature pristine Italian leather or Zazzle's durable canvas shoes with rubber soles made in the USA. 

Flight of the Bumblebee

Clarinet Shoes -
Pristine Italian Leather


Italian Leather Shoes by clarinetnow 
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These Clarinet Shoes model the coloring of a wooden clarinet made of African blackwood (Grenadilla wood) and the silver keys or hardware on the instrument.  The white laces represent the purity of clarinet sound.  The logo is "Clarinet" in stencil font with a silhouette black clarinet.   The shoes are delivered in a custom box with a close-up of the clarinet bell and part of the lower joint.

Handcrafted in Italy

Every shoe is handcrafted by Italian mastercrafters and feature pristine Italian leather. Each pair is one-of-a-kind: a combination of handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. Perfectly Italian.

Cutting-edge design

A minimal design for this street style low sneaker, that must be worn slightly open to emphasize/thrill the logo placed on the tongue. The shoe is made of genuine Italian leather, natural cotton laces and classic padding on the back.

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Clarinet Shoes - High-tops, Slip-ons, or Lace-ups

High-top Shoes - these custom ZIPS(R) high-tops have the clarinet forest upper joint design on the inside and outside of the shoes.  The tongue has a clarinet rings pattern on it.  The back of the shoe has "Clarinet" in stencil font with a clarinet silhouette on it.  Basketball or clarinet, play or practice either one in these shoes.

Clarinet High Top Shoes Printed Shoes
Clarinet High-tops by clarinetnow
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  • Unisex sizing: 4-13 Men's | 6-15 Women's
  • Material: Durable canvas tops, rubber soles.
  • ZIPZ® shoes are interchangeable! The top cover can be zipped on and off so you can easily switch up your style on the go.
  • Rubber soles are manufactured with extra cushioned insoles and a specially designed arch support system to give your feet a comfortable and healthy fit.
  • Quality you can trust: ZIPZ® has been independently tested by SATRA for wear, use, and durability.
  • Printing on shoe tongue design area available for an additional charge.
  • Printed in Orange, California, USA

Slip-on Shoes - these shoes have a clarinet image from the top down as if you are holding the clarinet and looking at the bell.  On the back is a clarinet silhouette with a "Clarinet" stencil font.  

Clarinet Shoes Printed Shoes
Clarinet Printed Shoes by clarinetnow
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Clarinet Lace-ups - the outside of the shoes has the upper joint of the clarinet and the inside of the shoes the lower joint.  The tongue has a top down view of the clarinet like you are holding it and looking down at the barrel.  The back of the shoes has a silhouette clarinet with stencil clarinet lettering.  

Shoes with Laces Printed Shoes
Clarinet Shoes with Laces Printed Shoes by clarinetnow
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Clarinet Flip-flops - self-explanatory.  Don't march in these.  Go to the beach.

Clarinet Flip Flops
Clarinet Flip Flops by clarinetnow
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Leopard Pattern Shoes

The following shoes are also designed by ClarinetNow

Leopard Shoes - this Leopard skin pattern has nothing to do with clarinet, but is a cool shoe.  Enjoy perusing these...

Leopard Skin Pattern Shoes Printed Shoes
Leopard Skin Pattern Shoes Printed Shoes by clarinetnow
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Leopard Skin Pattern High-Top Shoes Printed Shoes
Leopard Skin Pattern High-Top Shoes Printed Shoes by clarinetnow
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Leopard Shoes Printed Shoes
Leopard Shoes Printed Shoes by clarinetnow
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