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See 252 beats per minute Flight of the Bumblebee here.

West Point on the March Concert JAN 2017

Had a great time playing this concert yesterday at Ike Hall, West Point, New York. Enjoy!

giraffe clarinet bumblebee

This Baby Giraffe Clarinet Bumblebee video gives a lightning performance of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee

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Practice Chart

The Practice Chart helps you log your practice minutes and hours. Print these charts for free and use as an improvement tool on clarinet or any instrument.

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Merry Christmas to All!!!

The West Point Clarinet Quartet plays live radio at Q92 in Poughkeepsie, New York.

TUNE LIST:Sleigh Ride

Santa Mania

Mele Kailikimaka

Merry Christmas to All!!! West Point Clarinet Quartet plays live radio at Q92 in Poughkeepsie, NY.

20% off Clarinet Shoes CYBRWEEKSALE

Cyberweek 2016 get 20% off these Clarinet Shoes by entering CYBRWEEKSALE

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West Point Band performs at the 2016 Macy's Parade

Three Things You Can Do to Keep U.S. Military Bands funded

Do you want access to your U.S. Military Bands? Do you want them for Concerts, National Tours, Street Parades (like the Inauguration or Fourth of July), etc…? Here are three things you can do to support the efforts of Military Bands. Say or write this (or more)…

I’m against Rep. Martha McSally’s added amendment to the proposed Department of Defense budget for 2017 (H.R. 5293) that would severely restrict funding for military band performances. Your Name.

1. Contact your Senator. Call, email, and/or write a hard copy letter. Here the contact information for the all of the U.S. Senators in all 50 States.

2. Sign the petition that needs 72,875 signatures by 19 JUL 2016.

3. Sign the petition to continue military bands funding. Need 3,746 to reach 15,000.

Military Bands connect our freedom fighting forces/heroes and veterans with the American Public. Thank you for your support.

Vandoren Blog Published Clarinet-Now's "Clarinet Parent's Guide"

The Vandoren Blog recently published an updated version of "Clarinet Parent's Guide - 12-Steps to Improve Your Young Clarinetist's Musical Experience. First seen here on this webpage, it is great to see the Vandoren Blog take it to further audiences.

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Make it fun!

Bribe them and say If you play this measure correct, i will do a cartwheel for you! It makes them really want to do it right so that they can see you do

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Appalachian Spring performed by the West Point Band

The following video was a Facebook Live event. The West Point Band performed at Marywood University in Scranton, PA on Sunday 17 APR 2016. This is a live view of the concert from one video source. It was a really fun concert to perform. I'll lay out the tunes and times below.

2:40 Awayday, by Adam Gorb

11:43 Duty, Honor, Country (this have a video accompaniment that you cannot see on this video

17:22 The Official West Point March

23:13 Ruffles Call from Afar, by Yo Goto, the percussion soloist is Staff Sgt. David Bergman

34:20 Appalachian Spring, by Aaron Copland

51:50 Armed Forces Medley

58:13 Festival Overture on the Star Spangled Banner

1:06:40 Stars and Stripes Forever

Clarinet shoes

Clarinet Shoes - choose designs custom handmade Italian dress shoes from Italy OR fancy canvas sneakers made in the USA.

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West Point Band Clarinet Vacancy and Audition Material

Well, I'm slated to retire from the West Point Band in the summer of 2017. This ad is to fill my position. Tell all your friends in the clarinet audition circuit!!!

Click on the link. Audition materials are due on 10 MAY 2016. See excerpt material on the PDF as well. Good Luck!!! Chris

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Clarinet Scales

Free Printable Clarinet Scales PDF. Why practice scales? Musicality or scale strategy? Getting FREE POINTS on your All-State Audition with scales. Scale links and the Major Scale Plan.

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Private Clarinet Teacher

How to find a Private Clarinet Teacher? Who to ask? Where to look?

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LA Youth Orchestra performs Super Bowl Halftime

Congrats to the LA Youth Orchestra for your opportunity to perform with Coldplay on the 50th Super Bowl halftime show. I can't wait to see/hear it. Read more here...

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2015 New Mexico Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts

Congrats to my mentor and conducting teacher, Dr. William Clark, for receiving the 2015 New Mexico Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. Thanks for showing me positive leadership from the podium!!!

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Trio to National Emblem

While I play clarinet in the West Point Band and have Drum Majored the band many years, I've had only a few chances to conduct the group which I do in this video (Army Drum Majors use the mace to move the band around and officers conduct honors music).

Here the West Point Band performs the trio E. E. Bagley's National Emblem March. Usually, in military ceremonies, anytime the colors move to and from position, it is done with the trio of National Emblem.

Learn how to start the sound properly

Hello. I was just reading the portion of your blog (which I love, by the way) about the difference between professional and amateur articulation. You

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Zazzy Clarinet Keychain - #3Dprint

Cool #3Dprinted Clarinet Keychain here via @zazzyjewelry. This design is only available until the 2nd of January. Order while you can!

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What does your Clarinet Teacher cook on Thanksgiving Eve?

1995ish, I had a clarinet lesson with Kalmen Opperman in NYCity on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was single and had no family visiting me in New York that year.

That afternoon, my lesson was the usual 3 p.m. time slot. I rang the bell, Louis, his wife, buzzed me in, and they let me in the door of his apartment/clarinet studio/clarinet workshop. I went straight to the lesson room to get my insturment together.

Oddly enough, Kal was not in there. He and Louis were back in the kitchen and I could smell the aroma of something cooking. Now, being a true Southern boy, the Thanksgiving heritage of my Mom (and currently my wife and girls) was to start cooking the night before Thanksgiving. I figured this is what was going on back there.

I put my clarinet together and blew a few notes and sat there. Kal never even really liked anyone blowing a few notes, much less warming up or trying reeds. So, I waited.

Eventually, Kal and Louis called for me. “Hey Chris, can you come in here?” So, I did. I walked into the kitchen to find a big pot of something boiling. Kal and Louis had a ladle and were pouring the “soup” into something very small and intricate.

Matter of fact, they were little plastic boxes. I went, “What are you making?” “Cork grease,” said Kal. “What, you are making cork grease on the eve of Thanksgiving?” I looked at the kitchen table to find a bucket of all sorts of jars of creams and oils, Oil of Olay, Vasoline Petroleum Jelly, etc…

I had to ask, “What are you making it with? The typical Kalmen Opperman answer was, “It’s a secret formula, can’t tell you. It’ll help preserve your corks.” Once the little cork grease plastic boxes cooled off, he and Louis put the little plastic lids on top, scratched in a K.O. on the box, and gave one to me.

I believe I still have my little box of Kal’s cork grease somewhere. I’d have to do some digging to find it though.

I know the lesson that followed was probably very monumental as all of Kal’s lessons were. But, this Southern boy will never forget visiting a clarinet guru on the eve of Thanksgiving whilst cooking Cork Grease.

Clarinet Parents Guide

The Clarinet Parents Guide gives you 12 Steps to Improve Your Young Clarinetist's Musical Experience.

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Poor Clarinet Embouchure

Descriptions of the poor clarinet embouchure and a troubleshooting guide to fixing them.

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Problem with squeaks

Hi Chris --- I've been playing the clarinet for about two years now, and I still have problems with squeaks. I have checked the keywork and pads, rotated

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Clarinet Left Hand Position

Clarinet left hand position thoughts including photos and common faults. Goal - a more musically, efficient left hand.

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clarinet articulation

Clarinet articulation tips and descriptions. Definitions of legato and staccato.

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Clarinet Embouchure

Correct clarinet embouchure descriptions and ideas.

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Clarinetesadibitum Check this out!

Why have I not discovered this stuff before now? A little Celtic twist...

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Mozart Clarinet Concerto Fruit Loops

The second movement of W. A. Mozart's clarinet concerto, performed by Bruce Edwards with the Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, under the direction of Simon Schindler, with an animated graphical score.

Enjoy the colorful score described by some as Fruit Loops.

when do you change the the reed on your clarinet?

to play well FROM CLARINET-NOW This is a short note from Brian in the UK. I'd say you are right. Change the clarinet reed to play well. I can not

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Favorite Ligatures

Vandoren Optimum and the shoelace method work for me. The shoelace method takes more time to secure, but produces such an open sound due to the entire

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Squidward is obviously the most happy when playing clarinet

As an adult beginner, it only makes me love Squidward more for playing the clarinet. The only time he is ever visibly joyous is when he's playing the clarinet.

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I didn't want to play the clarinet because Squidward plays it. But I ended up playing it and getting really good at it. One of the best in my band. Then

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National Anthem Yankee Stadium

The West Point Band performs the Star Spangled Banner on opening day at Yankee Stadium 6 APR 2015.

Jazz Clarinetist of the Year

Jazz Clarinetist of the Year nominated and selected by the Jazz Journalists Association. The winner is clarinetist Anat Cohen.

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the clarinet

10 goals for beginner adults who wish to learn the clarinet.

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clarinet goals

10 Clarinet Goals for Returning Adults will guide you through dusting off that old clarinet. Come on, let's make some music.

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best clarinet scale books

Best clarinet scale books are your path to gaining great technique and learning music well. The Albert, Baermann, Steivenard methods are all tried and true for clarinetists for over a 100 years.

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Music from the Heart and Soul!

Music from the Heart and Soul T-shirt

I Love Clarinet Clock

I Love Clarinet Round Clock
I Love Clarinet Round Clock by clarinetnow
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I Love Clarinet Trucker Hat

I Love Clarinet with Heart Hat
I Love Clarinet with Heart Hat by clarinetnow
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Find I Love Clarinet T-shirts, cards, mugs, teapots, stickers, ornaments, aprons, baby clothes, if you Love Clarinet at the following link.

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question on how to describe proper vocal cavity for playing

I've tried several methods with students to describe how to form the inside of their mouths for proper sound. We continually hear things like open throat,

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Resistance to blowing

I have been playing clarinet for about 7 years and progressed from a Bundy band instrument, to E-11 Buffet and now R-13. Generally I am getting good tone

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Hear the Von Weber Rondo, Allegro giocoso

Hear Mr. Karl Leister play Carl Maria von Weber's Rondo. Allegro giocoso from the Clarinet Quintet, Bb Major Op. 34. with members of BPO (1990) Berliner Philharmonic Chamber Music.

Merry Christmas!

This is the latest Holiday Concert I've performed at Trinity Church near Wall Street in New York City. Promise me this, play your clarinet for family and friends this holiday season. Best. Chris

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Clarinet Music for Frozen, The Nutcracker, and Christmas Carols

Tis the season to make people Merry! Try these out on your families for the holidays.

Songs from Frozen, Tangled and Enchanted (Clarinet). Songs include: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?, For the First Time in Forever, Happy Working Song, I See the Light, In Summer, Let It Go, Mother Knows Best, True Love's First Kiss, When Will My Life Begin, and more.

Songs from Frozen, Tangled and Enchanted

Christmas Instrumental Solos - Clarinet (Book & CD). Includes these songs, Angels Medley (Angels from the Realms of Glory, Angels We Have Heard on High); Carol Medley (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, O Come, All Ye Faithful, The First Noel); Celebration Medley (Hallelujah Chorus, Joy to the World); Folk Carol Suite (Noel Nouvelet, Masters in This Hall, Coventry Carol (Lullaby, Thou Little Tiny Child), O Du Frohliche/Echo Carol); and several more.

Christmas Instrumental Solos - Clarinet (Book & CD)

The Nutcracker Suite (Clarinet Quartet) composed by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893). Songs include Overture Miniature; Arabian Dance; Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies; Trepak; Waltz of the Flowers. Christmas, Hanukah.

The Nutcracker Suite (Clarinet Quartet)

I'm not sure if I'm properly breathing/articulating?

Hello there, I've been playing the clarinet for about 5 years now, and l have had this problem for quite a while, but it wasn't one that really affected

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More Sectional Jewel Tips from Diamond - Why listen?

So you try out for section leader, and you actually BECOME the section leader. So now why does your section WANT to listen to you? 1. You play well.

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Keeping Clarinet Sectionals Fun!

If you are not having fun in sectionals, then your not doing it right. Nobody wants to listen to someone boring so here are some easy steps to having

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New Site -

I just received a nice note from clarinetist Miguel Ruiz Santos in Spain, about his new website From the site, “Clarinetjazz is a platform that intends to promote and extend the use of the clarinet, as the dynamic and versatile instrument that it is, in musical and scenic arts today.” When you visit the site, it has a nice collection of resources, videos, and sound bites. Best. Chris

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Sight-reading Books

Hi, I made All-State callbacks in my state for clarinet. Do you have any suggestions for good books I could buy to practice specifically for sight-reading?

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More New Year Clarinet Motivation

Clarinet Professor Massimiliano Montanaro performs magnificently three tough pieces for clarinet: Paganini Movimento Perpetuo, Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee, instruction (in Italian), and Bach Suite No. 1 per Violin Solo. He does offer some instruction in the video that is in Italian. Overall, this is an amazing example of true control on the clarinet. His physical strength is amazing to perform these works so well. Observe circular breathing and very clear rapid articulation.

Also, my friend Adam Ebert just posted the following Schubert work and is trying his hand at YouTube. Well, this is an impromptu video recording and the clarinet playing is great. Notice how steady his left hand is playing all of the technical stuff in and out of the break. That is a true sign of a clarinetist who studied with Kalmen Opperman for many years. You can also hear how fluid the music is because of the steady left hand (among many other points of control).

Watch the video, then when you practice clarinet, see if you can play without the left wrist moving. Now, that is a challenge for the new year.

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Read more about the Giraffe Clarinet "Flight of the Bumblebee" video here.

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