Biting the mouthpiece?

hi, my name is caitlin and ive been playing the clarinet for quite some time. i recently got a new clarinet mouthpiece because i realized that my old one had grooves in it from my two front teeth. i know this is probably bad embouchure and not that great for my teeth either.. i really dont want the same thing to happen to my new mouthpiece, and ive only been using it for a few days and i can already see some marks forming. Do you have any tips for trying not to bite on the mouthpiece?

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May 22, 2018
Mouthpiece patches
by: Christopher

Thanks for the question. You have to bite the mouthpiece with some pressure to form the clarinet embouchure. Look up mouthpiece patches. They should be fairly inexpensive and easy to apply to the mouthpiece. You will put grooves into the patch as well, but you can replace that. The patch will probably warmup your sound a little because the patch will help soften the vibration (even the vibrations in your jaw and skull). Hope this helps you some. Best. Chris

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