Acquired via Donation Vintage 1933

by Gerry
(Atlanta, GA)


I run a non-profit and we receive donated instruments. We recently acquired through a donation a 1933 La Bar Clarinet in its original Compo Bros Music, New Orleans Case. It was said to be owned by a Jazz Musician of note named Cyrano. I haven't been able to locate anyone by that name. Any Clues ?


Hello Jerry,

I can honestly say I do not know a jazz clarinetist with the name of Cyrano, or anything about the 1933 La Bar Clarinet. It is possible this clarinetist was a local live artist that didn't record or that recordings are scarce.

The 1933 La Bar Clarinet. I would go to a local university and have the clarinet professor look at it. The "La" in the title could refer to it being an "A" clarinet. As, "La" is "A" on the solfege scale. However, La Bar might have nothing to do with the key that the instrument plays.

I post a "don't know" on my website just in case someone else comes along and does know the answer.

Now, other questions for you, is the clarinet plastic, metal, or wood? If wood, is it cracked? Does it come with a mouthpiece and does the mouthpiece have any markings? How do the pads (that close the holes) look and corks (that either are on the joints or act as bumpers on the keys) look? For the most part, the pads an corks always make a clarinet of this vintage unplayable. If there are no cracks in the wood, the instrument might be worth taking to a repair-person to replace the pads and corks. However, quality repair is not cheap.

Another problem may be the springs on the keys. If they are rusted, broken, or over-sprung, they might not be worth the repair.

Good luck finding out more about the clarinet and clarinetist Cyrano.


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