The Clarinet - 10 Goals for Beginner Adults

I love hearing the stories of adults who want to learn the clarinet just to learn clarinet. They never tried it in school, but find some time in their busy schedules to follow their passion.

One major requirement before you read through some goals, MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO THE CLARINET! Add all types of styles to your Ipod or MP3 player. Go to You Tube and listen. So much music is available to you, take advantage of it. A good place to start is here with Famous Clarinet Players.

No. 1 Goal - MAKE MUSIC!

1. Same as for the young musicians, set the goal to MAKE MUSIC.

2. Find a private teacher and discuss the purchase (or rental) of a clarinet. See if this teacher is willing to offer you private lessons. A weekly or bi-weekly lesson with steady practice will help you improve and avoid developing poor habits early.

3. I want to play “so and so” song? Do you have a song, movie theme, jazz tune, or commercial jingle you really love? Once you have some musical fundamentals learned pick your favorite songs to learn.

4. Find opportunities to play duets. Doing this with a private teacher is the best place, but maybe you wish to play with your child, grandchild, neighbor, etc…

5. Church hymns – play the melody with the church organist. You will have to learn how to transpose, but this is actually very simple (especially if you know your scales and key signatures well).

6. Jazz (or other styles) – try to pick-up tunes by ear and write them out. This is a good technique to start improvisation.

7. Community Bands – Many local towns have an adult band that will rehearsal once a week and perform once a month (or more or less). Ask if you can play 3rd clarinet. Believe me, if you have worked with a private teacher, played a few duets, but for the most part played by yourself, BAND will really teach you how to play with others well. What type music? Sousa, Fillmore, Pops, Broadway, Orchestral transcriptions, and original band music.

8. Music Minus One CDs – There are numerous play-along CDs out there for the clarinet or look for Bb instruments. Try this Jazz Method for Clarinet (Tutor Book & CD) . ENJOY!

9. Your culture – Are you American, Irish, African, Eastern European, Asian or have any listening favorites in world music? Whatever your heritage, if you play the folks songs of that heritage, you will feel deep-roots to it in the music.

10. If you want to play the clarinet with your child or neighbor, find some opportunities to play in public with duets or trios. Maybe start by playing for the family, then, hit the coffeehouses at open-mic night.

10 Clarinet Goals for College/University/Conservatory Students

10 Clarinet Goals for Adults Returning to the Clarinet.

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What are your Clarinet Goals?

What are your Clarinet Goals? Even if it is just one goal. Share it!


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