Funny Clarinet

Funny clarinet stuff. You love playing clarinet. You love to laugh at playing clarinet. You love to joke around about the clarinet.

Have fun thumbing through the funny t-shirts and other items. Scroll all the way down for buttons, mugs, bumper stickers, etc...


Get your copy of Bumblebee Loops here (on Kindle it is next to nothing).  Ratings change hourly, but this week it hit No. 1 Brass Instrument Music, No. 1 Woodwind Instrument Music, and No. 4 on String Instrument Music. See exercise videos in right column.

Funny Clarinet T-shirts

Fear the Clarinets T-shirt Fear the Clarinet Hoodie
Funny Clarinet Hoodie shirt
Clarinet Hoodie by madconductor
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Warning: Temperamental Clarinetist Kids t-shirt Clarinet: The only instrument that matters… Good idea, is it funny?
Clarinet Rocks shirt
Clarinet Rocks by FunnyMusic
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Clarinets rule The few, the proud, the clarinets Well, this funny clarinet t-shirt at least reminds people to have a firm clarinet chin embouchure in order to cross the break smoothly… How many of you Eat, Sleep Clarinet?

Clarinet bags…

Bumper stickers

Funny Mugs with Clarinet

Funny Buttons

Clarinetist will play for Chocolate
Funny Clarinet button
Clarinet by madconductor
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Clarinet Posters

Hot Clarinetist print
Hot Clarinetist by Danger_Instrument
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Hot Clarinetist tie
Hot Clarinetist by Danger_Instrument
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Alright folks, how about a bearded guy wearing a t-shirt full of colorful alto clarinets? Now, from Funny Clarinet to Motivational Clarinet. From here, how about going to practice clarinet?