Private Clarinet Lessons are worth looking into...

Again, I repeat, it is very industrious of you to want to learn the clarinet online. After all, there are numerous resources including the Free Online Clarinet Lessons on However, as helpful as these are, you do not have a problem solver in your presence. That is a Private Clarinet Teacher.


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If you are a parent of a clarinetist, this page is extremely important for you to read and understand. When you are done with this page, please find more information how to improve the musical development of your clarinetist by clicking here: Clarinet Parent's Guide.


Private Clarinet Lessons Benefit #1

One on one private instruction: Your teacher is an experienced clarinetist who has studied and practiced hard for a long time. Their experience guides you to correct playing habits. This time is special. This professional is spending their valuable time helping YOU.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #2

The teacher diagnoses and corrects embouchure, hand position, articulation, posture and proper air support.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #3

The teacher helps you correct notes and rhythms.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #4

The teacher points out correct fingerings, alternate fingerings and shows you how to use a fingering chart.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #5

The teacher can assess your musical level and recommend appropriate method books and solos to best improve your playing. Once you order these books and solos, you progressively move to more difficult and/or fun music to learn each lesson.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #6

Your private clarinet teacher is your personal guide to musical interpretation and expression. What indicates the speed of the music? How loud or soft should you play the piece? What style, period or groove does the music have? Your teacher will help you recognize these musical traits.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #7

The private clarinet teacher plays for you to develop your concept of sound (perhaps this is the greatest benefit of private clarinet lessons). They play duets with you to improve your ensemble playing.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #8

The teacher gives you a practice plan for the week. The teacher gives you a practice plan for the week. Yes, I typed that twice (this is definitely in the top two of the greatest benefits of private clarinet lessons).

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #9

The teacher is your live music source in connection with the clarinet world. A good start is that they introduce you to great clarinet recordings. They should inform you of

great clarinetists

local clarinet recitals

master classes


orchestral or band concerts

music festivals

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #10

The private lesson teacher is your professional opinion to the best clarinet equipment to buy including the clarinet itself, mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, etc… They help you test new equipment, and help guide you to the best equipment match.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #11

The teacher either offers major/minor clarinet repairs, or they recommend a quality repair technician in the area. If offering a repair technician, they play test your instrument and “write-up” repairs and tweaks needed to your clarinet. This way, the repair technician has a professional head-start in assessing the problems of your instrument.

Clarinet Lessons Benefit #12

The teacher has a good knowledge of the local all-county, all-district, all-state and college audition requirements. With this knowledge, they inform you of the best ways to prepare for the requirements and offer a proper time-line for success.

Keep in mind, your private clarinet teacher is human. They might fall short on some of the above expectations, I know I do, and I wrote the expectations.

Anyway, a good clarinet teacher will help you master the clarinet and become literate in music reading and interpretation.

Good luck and PRACTICE!