Bill Kenney Jazz Clarinetist

by William Kenney
(Hudson, Ohio)

I seem to run out of air while playing longer phrases. I am 69 years old but in great shape, work-out a lot, play and perform often. Could you post a list of things to do to breathe properly so I can see if it's my age or sloppy technique?


Mr. Kenney,
You are well on your way to good, quality air support. Keep active physically with arobic exercise and keep on playing clarinet to keep that mind exercised.

Now, Air Support. I've written a few pages on air support and even answered another question today on air. Please read through these and see if they help. I've offered some breathing exercises in this content.

Clarinet Air Support

Nervous Air

Breathing Question

I hope these help. Let me know how it works out. Keep on practicing...


I have a few pages on air that I'll link for you here.

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