Clarinet Barrel

The clarinet barrel. The barrel is the little piece between the mouthpiece and the upper joint of the clarinet. Again, on the priority list, you should look for a quality mouthpiece first. Then, test out ligatures.


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However, if you feel settled in this equipment, an upgrade in a barrel is a good idea. Basically, the barrel will help you improve your sound and maybe have it play a little more freely. Here are some barrels I recommend you trying: Backun, Chadash, Weber and Fobes.

It is extremely important that you try more than one brand of barrel as well as at least three of each type of barrel. Since these are made of wood, the wood can change from the manufacturer to the store (or internet store). Also, depending on where you live, the humidity in the air can "move" the wood.

If you live in Mobile, Alabama, the humidity is always really high. If you live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the humidity is more often really low. All of this can change the wood of the barrel (as well as wooden clarinets).

On trying your clarinet barrel, make sure you read the Clarinet Equipment RULE OF THREE page here.

What Clarinet Barrel do you like the Best?

Do you play on the Clarinet Barrel that came with your clarinet or do you play one you bought separately? I play on a custom barrel Kalmen Opperman made me some years ago. And it is a good one. I haven't tried any lately on the market, what do you recommend? Thanks.