10 Clarinet Goals for
Returning Adults

These 10 Clarinet Goals for Returning Adults will help you dust off that old clarinet. Maybe you played clarinet sometime in your past and it is time to get back into the groove. Now what do you do?


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One major requirement before you read through some goals, MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN TO CLARINET! Add all types of styles to your Ipod or MP3 player. Go to YouTube and listen. So much music is available to you, take advantage of it. A good place to start is here with Famous Clarinet Players. You can read more goals here for these groups of clarinetists: * Beginner Adults * College/University/Conservatory Students.

No. 1 of 10 Clarinet Goals -

1. Hopefully your No. 1 goal for returning to clarinet is that you wish to MAKE MUSIC!

2. Write out the reasons you want to express yourself through clarinet again. Is No. 1 on your list (no pressure)? What are you going to do different this time compared to before?

3. Dust off the old clarinet. Give the clarinet a blow. Do you have a reed that will vibrate? Can you make a sound on the clarinet? If not, is it your embouchure or perhaps your clarinet?

4. Whatever shape the clarinet, take it to a quality repair person. Make sure the pads cover and you do not have any cracks in the wood.

5. Pick-up the old method books. Start playing through them like you are a beginner.

6. Do not try to practice two-hours in the first round. Give your body a chance to build-up your embouchure muscles. Try 10-15 minutes a day at first. Then a half-hour a day with rests.

7. If you do not remember anything, find a private clarinet teacher or do some heavy searching on the internet. Start re-figuring out clarinet fingering charts. For some fundamental information on embouchure, articulation, air, hand position and more, check out this FREE ONLINE CLARINET LESSONS page.

8. Once you are up and going, consider your opportunities. I highly recommend joining a community band. Try this link at the Association of Concert Bands (this Community Music List Link). If you join a community band, make sure you tell them about Clarinet-Now.com.

9. Play for your family. Let them hear your progress.

10. Persist and enjoy and don't forget to MAKE MUSIC!

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What are your Clarinet Goals?

What are your Clarinet Goals? Even if it is just one goal. Share it!

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