Embouchure and F# with mouthpiece and barrel

by Robert Donnelly
(Opelika, AL)

I am have trouble blowing an F# using just mouthpiece and barrel. I am playing quite sharp. What should I do to play in tune? Thank you!


Hello Robert,

I have to say, I'm a transplanted Alabamian. I've lived in New York now more than 18 years. This particular winter is really getting me to think about living in the South again.

About your F#, it is likely you do not have enough mouthpiece in your mouth. Try to blow into the mouthpiece again and gradually put more mouthpiece in your mouth.

By having too little in your mouth, it is possible that you are pinching the reed and therefore making it sharper in pitch.

Another possibility is a reed that is too soft. That is another case of pinching.

If you have not already done this, read through embouchure
and poor clarinet embouchure pages on Clarinet-Now.com. Best of luck to you and let me know how it goes for you.


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