For a Fact, mixed with analogy

by Ethan Ke

Because Squidward's bad at playing the clarinet, that can't make me any worse than him at playing, right? Don't get me wrong, Squidward was the reason I chose it as my instrument in the first place, and I stuck through with it, thick and thin, despite the difficulties, that I'm now part of Honors Concert Band, just like how Squidward always aimed to be like Squillium.

Spongebob was my childhood, it brings back such good memories, of nostalgia, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I truly loved Spongebob as a kid, and I always wanted to be just like Squidward when I was younger.
It's just that as I grew up, it became more of that no matter how bad I am, I'm always better than Squidward's playing, and that's been my motivation ever since, growing up, to pursue the clarinet.

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Feb 16, 2020
by: Christopher

I’m glad you found your motivation. If Squidward was it and started a motivated clarinetist, he’s done his job. Keep Practicing!

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