Help with Clarinet Sound

by Reegan

I have only had my clarinet about 5 months and don't know anything about music. I need some help to clarify what sound it should make if I blow it properly ??



Hello Reegan,

Congratulations on starting to learn clarinet. One of the best things you can do is LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN to clarinetists performing. That will give you a great concept of sound while you learn clarinet. Really take some time to watch all of the videos here at Famous Clarinet Players

I’ve provided several clarinet embouchure videos below. Feel free to read my Clarinet Embouchure page and Poor Clarinet Embouchure page. Enjoy these videos.

Anthony McGill - This clarinet embouchure video is very short but gives you a great idea of sound on the open G. Plus, you couldn’t ask for a better clarinet player to give a lesson.

Dr. Julianne Kirk – This video features the correct syllables to think about while learning the proper clarinet embouchure. This video is very short and quite worth it for the intro and exit music examples.

Andrea Morst – clarinet embouchure pedagogy project. This video has good explanations about putting the mouthpiece, ligature and reed together for the beginning student. Also, she covers several pitfalls and why you might sound sharp or flat in creating the concert f# on the mouthpiece and barrel.

Pete S (sorry, do not know how to spell last name from pronunciation) - Good explanation of chin and ee to oooh on the sound.

Tom Ridenour – Double-lip clarinet embouchure explanations. Watch this series Mr. Ridenour made about the double-lip and it has great information for single-lippers and double-lippers alike. For the youngest of clarinet players (and I say youngest I mean those just starting clarinet), these videos have some in-depth analysis on embouchure formation. I’d recommend you watch these, and then come back to them every few months as you progress on the clarinet.

Reegan, again, I hope these videos help you enjoy your musical, clarinet experience.


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