High Notes on Bass Clarinet

by Far

How do you play the high notes on the Bass clarinet? I put a lot of air in it bu it makes the wrong sound. :(


Hello Far,

I can say that is a pretty wide open question. Try this. Play a low G on bass clarinet, then pop the register key to get to D on the forth line of the treble staff. Does the note come out? If not, it could be a thousand reasons to do with embouchure, reed placement, etc... However, it might be your bass clarinet.

Perhaps the vent key on the gooseneck of the bass clarinet is not popping open correctly. Sometimes you can rotate the gooseneck slightly to the left or right, and the mechanism will open it correctly. This is a common problem.

Make sure you ask your band director about this. Have him or her look at the bass clarinet and possibly an instrument repair person. Are there other bass clarinetists that you know in older grades? Have them try your bass clarinet and vice versa.

This is the best advice I can give with your description and not trying your bass clarinet. Also, ask a clarinet teacher if you get a chance. Thanks.


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