Jazz Clarinetist of the Year

The Jazz Clarinetist of the Year Anat Cohen has won the honor eight years in a row from 2007-2014.  This honor is given out by The Jazz Journalist Association.


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Finalists for the JJA Jazz Awards honor excellence in music-making and music documentation. These musicians are nominated by 60 professional Jazz Journalists Association members. 

Following is a list of winners in past years. If you see “none” next to a year, either no-one was nominated and/or the clarinetist category was not developed.

You might notice a little consistency on this list.  Anat Cohen has won Jazz Clarinetist of the Year from 2007-2023.

Anat Cohen Jazz Clarinetist Recordings

2023 - Anat Cohen

2022 - Anat Cohen

2021 - Anat Cohen

2020 - Anat Cohen

2019 - Anat Cohen

2018 - Anat Cohen

2017 - Anat Cohen

2016 - Anat Cohen

2015 - Anat Cohen

2014 - Anat Cohen

2013 - Anat Cohen

2012 - Anat Cohen

2011 - Anat Cohen

2010 - Anat Cohen

2009 - Anat Cohen

2008 - Anat Cohen

2007 - Anat Cohen

2006 - none

2005 - Don Byron

2004 - none

2003 - Marty Ehrlich

2002 - Don Byron

2001 – “Winds and Reeds of the Year” Marty Ehrlich (saxophones, clarinets, and flutes)

1997-2000 No evidence of wind or clarinet awards given these years.

Video of Anat Cohen

This one features Anat Cohen with Paquito D’Rivera...

Visit Anat's website here.