Mouthpiece for Jazz

by Chan Vanden
(Seattle, Wa)


Can you recommend a mouthpiece for Jazz Clarinet? I have R13, thank you.



Hello Chan,
I did some searching on the R-13 mouthpiece and am guessing you play on a mouthpiece that came with your Buffet R-13, is this right?

I'm not the expert on jazz clarinet mouthpieces. However, I have an Eddie Daniels model mouthpiece that I do like to play. You are probably looking for a wide open tip to get some good volume on the mouthpiece.

I'd recommend you ask some jazz players. Once they give you a few suggestions to try, I'd recommend you look at my Equipment Rule of Three page for your selection process.

Try several mouthpieces before you buy.

Check out the Eddie Daniels Mouthpiece here

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