My Clarinet Goal

by Alliyah
(Saint Louis,Missouri,United States)

I myself want 2 become a nice clarinet player 4 little kidz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello Alliyah,

What a wonderful goal for clarinet and the kids? For as long and you play music, kids will love to hear live music. Attention spans might be short, but playing clarinet live for them is great on so many levels.

My Mom is a kindergarten teacher and I have played for her class many times (she is retiring in the next few days after 34 years of teaching).

I made sure that the entire process was an event for the kids. I'd open the case in front of them, and explain and put each part of the clarinet as I put it together. I always blow into the clarinet without a reed to let them know how important that "vibrating mechanism" is to making the sound.

Then, I put the reed on the clarinet and make the sound. I'm sure you have favorite songs to play for kids, but I'd always include the U.S. National Anthem at the beginning and the Stars and Stripes Forever" at the end.

Whatever you do, have fun for yourself and that will come out in the performance to the kids. Best of luck to you and have fun playing clarinet.


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