Once Bitten, Twice Shy

by Amanda B.
(Kalamazoo, MI USA)

I played clarinet in middle school and high school but dropped out after sophomore year. It took eight years to rekindle my interest in playing again and two more years to find my clarinet again.
Now I want to:
1. Relearn the basics
2. Play for me (Part of the reason I stopped was other peoples demands on my playing)


Hello Amanda,

Thanks for sharing your goals with Clarinet-Now.com and the world. Playing music for yourself and self-motivated goals (not solely from other people) will help you mentality get through the difficult times of learning the instrument.

Clarinet will truly challenge you. Relearning the basics is great because fundamentals should be on your mind at all times. I've played clarinet now for more than 30-years and thinking of proper air support, embouchure, articulation, and hand position are on my mind each time I play.

Clarinet is an instrument, but it is also your voice. Sing through the clarinet and above all keep with your third goal of having fun with music.


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