Register Key Does Not Work???

by Teresa

I play clarinet in a 50 person band and really want to be good. I practice at school everyday. Band-Camp is coming up and my register key will NOT work. PLEASE HELP!!!


Hello Teresa,

Please talk to your band director and ask for an instrument repair-person.
Certainly, that can be fixed very easily.

If the pad is just stuck to the hole, take a dollar bill and put it between the pad and hole. Push the pad onto the dollar bill and hold the cup part of the key down. Then, pull out the dollar bill. Sometimes, residue can get on the pad and make the pad stick to the hole.

The dollar bill will temporarily unstick the pad. You might need a new pad. Let the repair-person do this. Also, if the spring is out, you need an instrument repair-person.

Best of luck. Your director wishes to help you in every way, so please ask him/her. If not, call your local music shop or the clarinet professor at your local university.

Also, if you are not first chair, ask your first chair clarinet player. Where do they get clarinets fixed?

Best of luck with Band Camp!!! Practice hard and let me know how things work out.


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