Sight-reading Books

by Megan
(Greer, SC, USA)


I made All-State callbacks in my state for clarinet. Do you have any suggestions for good books I could buy to practice specifically for sight-reading?


Hello Megan,

Congratulations on making the All-State callbacks on clarinet. That is fantastic! I’ll give you some choices below.

The Celebrated Method for the Clarinet: Complete Edition, I believe is the number one choice simply because it is a book every clarinetist should own. It has 293 pages of clarinet finger exercises, duets, and more. It will challenge you your entire life.

The Hite Melodious and Progressive Study books, Book 1 and Book 2. The etudes alternate between slow melodic material or more technical material.

Those should be a great start as far as sight-reading books. Remember this with sight-reading,

1. Look at the Key Signature first, then think through the Major or Minor scale that key represents.
2. Look at the Time Signature
3. Look for accidentals in the sight-reading piece and make sure they do not surprise you when you play it.
4. Look at difficult rhythms or challenging technical runs or licks (like thirds or arpeggios).

See more at your Clarinet Sight Reading source here at

Thanks for the question and best of luck to you.


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