Squeaking problem

by Joyce

I keep squeaking and I guess I was biting too hard. The clarinet is really heavy for me! So I bit the clarinet to lessen the weight on my right thumb. And this causes me to constantly squeak. Are there any solutions to my squeaking problem?


Hello Joyce from Malaysia,

You probably have too much mouthpiece in the mouth if you are squeaking this much. Take the smallest amount of mouthpiece out of your mouth at a time and see if that helps.

It also could be a reed issue or clarinet instrument issue (pads leaking air, etc...)

For hand pain, do you practice clarinet for a straight half-hour or hour without breaks? I recommend you give yourself little one or two minute breaks and take the clarinet off your hand.

Another option is to try a Claricord Clarinet Neck Strap. This will help take some of the weight off your hand. Just remember, you do still need to have pressure against your upper teeth to play smoothly, successfully.

Thanks for writing and I wish you the best on clarinet.


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