Squeaking sound

by Claire

HI there,
I think I am driving myself and my neighbors mad trying to get the sound of the clarinet register notes correct!

Slurring these notes is fine...no problems at all BUT when I tongue them....it kind of croaks first and then plays.

Am trying to fine tune my embouchure and sometimes I get it right....others no matter what I do it squeaks/croaks.

Help, please...am driving myself nuts trying to get it right!



Hello Claire,

By the way, you have a great name to play clarinet. Okay, let’s get to work. This is what I think is going on with your embouchure. I believe you are moving your chin while you try to articulate with your tongue.

You say slurring the notes on clarinet is successful. Now, when you articulate, find a mirror and take a look at your chin. Try articulating as legato at possible. Is your chin moving? If so, see if you can get control over it. Make sure your embouchure is stable and steady while slurring or tonguing.

Another embouchure problem while articulating is that you could be opening up. Many people loosen the grip of the mouthpiece when they articulate. This is a prime reason for squeaking. Keep biting the same amount of pressure while you articulate as when you slur.

Here are some very important pages to read:


Amateur versus Professional Articulation

Clarinet Embouchure

Poor Clarinet Embouchure (especially No. 12)

Keep plugging away at this. You will conquer it with steady practice. Let me know how you are progressing. Thanks.



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