Tenor sax notes to clarinet

by Brianna
(Whitby, ON)

Hi my name is Brianna and I've been playing the clarinet for a while now. So I know my way around a clarinet pretty well. Anyway my conductor is running a new band and it doesn't have a big budget so all my music is for the tenor sax instead of clarinet and I'm supposed to convert them to clarinet notes, but I don't know how. Help?


Hello Brianna,

You are in luck. The tenor sax is a Bb instrument just like the clarinet. So, you can actually play the notes as they are written on the page. Tenor sax does sound an octave lower, so if the band director wants you playing in the exact same range it should sound, you could play the part down an octave. If you do this, you might get in ranges that you can't play that low on clarinet.

However, it is a simple fix for you. Hope this helps.


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