thatoneclarinetgirl on Clarinet 'Dark, smoky loveliness'

by Gateau
(Seabeck WA)

Honestly Squidward gives us a bad name. The clarinet is not supposed to sound like something dying a painful death, it is supposed to sound like dark, smoky loveliness. If he really puts that much stock in his playing then he ought to know better.


Hello Gateau,

I have to say you are absolutely correct. I wrote the Squidward page in hopes to bring in clarinetists like you together and remind each other that we are serious about the instrument.

Part of the comedy of Squidward loving the clarinet so much, but not being very good at it, is this - many people fall into this very category no matter the expertise (golf, business, biking, etc.). What I’ve always said is that if you think you are great at something, you probably have not studied it much. The more I’ve studied the clarinet, the more I realize how little I know about the instrument.

Just think of all of the things a musician needs to know about music. Let’s use the clarinet as an example: History, mechanism, music, methods, equipment (make, sound), famous players, famous teachers, different practices (single lip versus doublelip clarinet embouchure), etc, etc, etc… Take each of those subjects and add many more and see and hear a vast universe of knowledge about one instrument. Then, practice that clarinet to a point that the common person wants to hear you play. Welcome to a world of challenges.

If Mr. Squidwards truly studied the clarinet to the level of his proposed expertise, I’m willing to bet he would be more modest.

But, I cannot fault him at this. He loves his clarinet. Good for him. Too bad he cannot make the clarinet experience better for others.

Now, about that description of ‘dark, smoky loveliness.’ THAT, sounds like the great title for a new clarinet composition!


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Jul 03, 2012
Make Sure You Share
by: Chris

Make sure you let us know when this composition is ready. Let us know here or send via contact page on Best. Chris

Jun 18, 2012
by: K-Bo

Haha I may steal that title for a piece then... It gave me a little inspiration =P

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