Top clarinet teachers?

by Kevin
(Seoul, South Korea)

I'm an Army clarinet player currently loving life in South Korea. I really do, not being sarcastic. My clarinet professor in college was a student of Opperman (Douglas Miller). I'm thankful for having been introduced to all of Opperman's methods etc... In your opinion, who do think are some current clarinet teachers on par with Opperman?



Hello Kevin,

Tough question. Mr. Opperman lived the clarinet every second of his 90-year life. From morning to evening, he thought about, played, crafted, composed and you name it, did something about the clarinet. I know there are likely teachers/players with this dedication. Opperman was a professional’s teacher as well. Many top professionals went to him to seek advice. Also, he had years and years of experience. If you were to find someone on “Par” with Opperman, he or she would have to have 80+ years of experience.

See, you exemplify the glory of the internet. You write from South Korea which means this conversation is on a world-wide level. I cannot possibly know if a clarinet teacher somewhere in the world is an equal to Kalmen Opperman. But I will tell you this, I cannot imagine anyone is.

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