Vicki, beginner clarinet student in an adult band

by Vicki
(White Rock BC Canada)

I played the piano as a kid, and a gazillion years later, I am learning to play the clarinet. Your tips are brilliant. I have just hired a young teacher for now. She gives me lots of exercises which helps me in my sight reading, but I find your web page much more helpful. I am a detailed person(ex high school teacher) and love your precise explanations. thanks--and, by the way, it has been a year into the program and we are doing pretty well. It's a kick!!!The OPHF Band

Old People Having Fun!!!
Soldier on

Merry Christmas


Hello Vicki,

I'm glad is helping you. I appreciate hearing that. I'm even much more appreciative of hearing from so many people who are not the traditional 'middle-school' ages picking up clarinet and learning it.

A band called 'Old People Having Fun,' where do I sign-up? Please keep me up-to-date on your clarinet playing and band.


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