Clarinet Playing Tips

You are at the right place for Clarinet Playing Tips. Now, think about this, what are the four places your body touches the clarinet. Mouth, left hand, right hand and tongue. Yes, why don’t you start with reading about the importance of placing all of these correctly first.


Get your copy of Bumblebee Loops here (on Kindle it is next to nothing).  Ratings change hourly, but this week it hit No. 1 Brass Instrument Music, No. 1 Woodwind Instrument Music, and No. 4 on String Instrument Music. See exercise videos in right column.

Learn here how to form the correct Clarinet Embouchure.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to learn what NOT to do. Check out all of the incorrect ways to blow on a clarinet at Poor Clarinet Embouchure.

Correct your Left Hand Position here.

Correct your Right Hand Position here.

So, you don’t think the tongue should get its own qualification as touching the clarinet. Well, let me tell you something, articulating correctly on clarinet is a hot commodity. It is time for you to learn clarinet playing tips on Articulation.

Now, clarinet tips on body parts that don’t touch the clarinet. The lungs do not physically touch the clarinet, but, playing with correct AIR is way important.


Physically, your brain doesn’t touch the clarinet either; however, sight-reading helps you “edge-out” the competition because you can read music better than your competition. Learn how to “sight-read” better by visiting these 10-tips to Clarinet Sight-Reading.

These playing tips can’t come to you without tips on Crossing the Break. Need I say more… Here it is, Crossing the Break. has numerous tips on how to play the clarinet and more. Visit all of these pages for more information on several related subjects:


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