Clarinet Sectional

The Clarinet Sectional is an opportunity to gather your clarinet section together and play through and correct any section issues in the music. Often, the Clarinet Section Leader calls the sectional and conducts or runs the rehearsal.

However, if you are not a section leader, you can always say to your stand partner, “why don’t we get together and play through this part of the music?” Or, if you are a second or third clarinetist, get a short 2nd or 3rd sectional going.


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1. Tuning

2. Starting together

3. Stopping together

4. Playing rhythms together

5. Playing dynamics together

6. Balancing the section (who plays loudest and why)

7. Playing together as a team and a group of individuals

What are your Clarinet Sectional Secrets?

What do you rehearse in clarinet sectionals? Do you tune first? Do you focus on starting and stopping together? Who conducts the sectional? Do you work well together as a team or bicker the whole time?

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