Keeping Clarinet Sectionals Fun!

by Diamond

If you are not having fun in sectionals, then your not doing it right.

Nobody wants to listen to someone boring so here are some easy steps to having a fun clarinet sectional:

1. Make them laugh.

If you can make your section laugh, then you are more likely to be seen as a friend instead of a scary superior section leader. This also can develop trust and if your section trusts you they will listen to you.

2. Know when to draw the line.

There is a time for fun and games, but a sectional is not to be wasted. You need to be able to incorporate fun into the sectional. Give the other people in your section nicknames one-day during a sectional. Bring waterbaloons and if they get off their spot throw them at their feet, and if they are doing an excellent job let them throw one at you!


Hello Diamond,

Awesome ideas on keeping sectionals fun. We'll have to try the "balloon" theory in Army clarinet sectionals, maybe only when we have combat boots on.

If you have more ideas on keeping sectionals fun, send them our way. You are well on your way to becoming a great leader!


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