I picked up Clarinet as a double for a student. He quit but I'm hooked.

by Keith Ridenhour
(Sonoma, Ca)

My best alto student came into a lesson some three years ago with a clarinet saying he intended to double. This came out of the blue so I said "okay, I'll pick one up also and we'll split the lesson between clarinet and alto". He quit and now I'm still doing the first hour of my music day on clarinet. I have had a couple of great teachers and now have more than a lifetime of work to do. Funny thing is is that a half hour on the clarinet translates to an hour of work on my sax? Go figure. I am struggling with my horns, a Yamaha 34 and a Conn Director. I think if I can get the money together I'll try to get a Buffet Greenline. I like my mouthpiece, a Vandoran M15. Really it's mostly about me and just keeping at a steady warmup and progressive technique exercises. I am also practicing at a local convalesent hospital one day a week. They like it and it gets me out of the house and grateful for what I have healthwise. K


Hello Keith,

I glad you stuck with the clarinet. So far, you are my only response in getting lost in the clarinet. Thanks so much for sharing your music at the local hospital. I know the patients are very appreciative.

The Buffet Green Line Clarinets are good instruments. In my opinion, they still do not sound quite as good as a wooden clarinet, but it is really close. Whatever you do, try several of the same model clarinet. Believe me, you will hear a difference between each instrument (no matter the model - wooden, plastic, or Greenline). Read more about this at Clarinet Equipment Rule of Three. Please, make sure you try the instruments before you buy.

Best of luck to you and let me know how the instrument shopping goes.


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